An invitation:  come, step away from busy lives, from the distractions of screens, social media and the news. Taking this opportunity, we slow down, reconnect and deepen into our senses.  Trees, a wood-land, the Spring, and a community of fellow travellers.

The practice of Spiritual Ecology takes us from the ‘old story’ of separation – into the ‘new story’ – (which is also as old as the hills) a place of inter-being and re-interconnection with the ‘more than human world’.

‘What can I do? What do I have to offer? Will my doing anything make any real difference?’ These three questions are the refrain we constantly hear. Walk amongst the trees, sit out by the fire, lie under the stars, share meals and stories, silence and meditation. Listening we wake up, and begin to see  how things really are.

Come, let us explore together the deep inner resources and inspirations for change whispering all around.

Hazel Hill is a 70-acre conservation woodland education centre, seven miles from Salisbury.  It has simple, hand crafted off-grid wooden buildings with great indoor and outdoor group spaces, basic accommodation in bedrooms and sleeping lofts, good hot showers and compost loos.: see  

Cost including food and accommodation: £140 Some private bedrooms available at a small premium (£20). The group will be restricted to 14 participants so please book soon.

Amrita Bhohi  helps to coordinate the Spiritual Ecology strand of work at St Ethelburga’s Centre for reconciliation and peace  which includes the Spiritual Ecology Youth Fellowship programme, public events and workshops. Amrita’s interests lie in new economics, systems change and social and environmental regeneration.

Jackie Crovetto has over 25 years experience facilitating and working within mixed groups, for the past seven years she has been focusing mainly on bringing women together in circles which hold a space of deep listening as a prayer for the world.

Jane Sanders has been working with a mindfulness based approach to wellbeing with groups and individuals for over 25 years, and has also incorporated deep ecology, ecopsychology and the wisdom of natural systems into her work in many different settings. She is part of the Wisdom tree team at HazelHill woods.

To find out more and to book contact Jane: by email or call 01458 833382

Engraving by Ros Cuthbert – thanks to Ros for her permission to use this.


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