An eco-therapy training over three week-ends in three different woodlands


With Jane Sanders,

Collette Barnard

& Deb Millar


Weekend 1 May 12th & 13th

Weekend 2 June 30st- July 1st

Weekend 3 August 3rd-5th


Who is this course for? This course is for those who want to develop a naturebased practice within their professional work with   others; and for those pursuing their self-development in  a way that includes an interconnected relationship with the earth.
This course would be relevant for counsellors, health workers, psychotherapists, social workers, mentors, coaches, youth workers, walking group leaders,  teachers/educators and other professional therapists.

Our approach: This course is 70% experiential, it is grounded in a synthesis of Eastern and Western therapeutic approaches.

Most sessions will take place outdoors in 3 different woodscapes. as well as indoors at the Sweettrack Centre in central Glastonbury. The last weekend will be a residential and will run from the Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. (For the non residential week-ends there are plenty of nearby places to stay including camping)

Over the three week-ends our aim is to enable you to:

• Gain confidence in working with others outside in nature

• Incorporate the symbols, metaphors and cycles of nature as a mirror of your inner journey

• Engage with others in exploring how to integrate eco-psychology into your everyday life and work

• Strengthen the sense of interconnection and inter-being with the more than human world


 Course Programme:

  •  An overview of eco-psychology – a three strand model
  • The latest research on the benefits of working in nature
  • Nature as therapeutic container
  •  Tracking connection and disconnection in our relationship with nature
  • Eco-centric assessment-  indicators & contra-indicators for taking people outside
  • Working with trauma & fear based defences
  •  Embodiment and grounding
  • Theories behind the practice
  •  Exploring the cycles of the seasons: and finding our place in these cycles
  • Working with ceremony, symbols and the five elements
  • Spiritual ecology/deep ecology. Recognizing and being with our feelings in relation to the earth & the challenges we and future generations face
  • Reciprocal whole system ecotherapy
  • Working creatively & playfully in the landscape
  •  Working with children & young adults
  • Practical essentials i.e insurance – contracting, health and safety, boundary issues etc.

About us

Collette Barnard is the founder and head of trainings at the Sweet Track Counselling Services; she is a counsellor and astrologer and has worked with groups, individuals and couples since 1982. She is committed to spirituality, psychic and energy awareness, connection with our sacred land, and the great mysteries in Life. She communicates self-empowerment and the unveiling of one’s personal connection to Spirit

Jane Sanders has been a Core process Psychotherapist since 1990. She first came across eco-psychology & deep ecology in the 1980’s reading John Seed and Joanna Macy and eventually training as a ‘Work that Reconnects facilitator.  She has been teaching eco-psychology on the Sweettrack counselling training for the last 5  years and is a member of ‘WisdomTree’ a group of facilitators working from Hazel Hill Wood Education Centre.

Deb Millar (teaching on the second week-end) has been running an educational project at Hallr Wood since 2007, transforming a neglected and unmanaged site into a playful and creative, child and nature centred venue. The project aims to build supportive relationships with disadvantaged and struggling young people.
Deb believes that a natural environment can offer ideal conditions in which to explore well being issues and build resilience as well as access the benefits of a deeper connection with the natural world. She is delighted to join forces with Collette and Jane again on this inspiring course.

Booking Information

The cost of the course is £610

£100 deposit secures your place. If the course is paid in full by 12th February 2018 there is a £50 early-bird reduction.

There is also an instalment plan available on request.

This cost includes the 2 day residential at Hazel Hill, (the 1st & 2nd weekends are non-residential).

To find out more or book a place contact  Jane on 01458 833382  email here



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