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How can we stay happily fulfilled in our life and work in the midst of change and uncertainty? What can we learn from nature about deepening our resilience so that daily demands don’t deplete us? On this day we will start to explore these questions and get in touch with our personal source of inspiration, motivation and grounding in life. We will also offer some distinctive approaches and practical new responses to the daily challenges of work and life. Utilising practices from Alan Heeks’ natural ecosystems model, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, deep ecology and positive psychology, we seek to find inner quiet, clarity and an increased ability to deal with stress. We introduce practices of self-care that are easily incorporated into the day-to-day to help you stay grounded, pause and respond to difficult situations in a more centred way.

The ‘Nourishing the Frontline’ – programme has been funded and developed for frontline organisations in health and social care, counsellors, coaches, youth workers, social workers, community workers whose work is typically characterised by low resources, high demands and a high risk of burnout. The aim is to grow effectiveness and wellbeing in work, for you and your team, through practical skills which nourish your resilience and expand your capacity. The day is free – we just ask for a donation for lunch.


Hazel Hill Woods near Salisbury

About the Facilitators


Alan Heeks: has been exploring resilience with people and nature for many years, and has led many groups on this theme, drawing on experience of resilient natural systems from creating an organic farm and setting up Hazel Hill. He has also written two books on resilience: seewww.alanheeks.com


Jane Sanders: has over 25 years experience in working with a mindfulness based approach to wellbeing with groups and individuals, and has also incorporated deep ecology, ecopsychology and the wisdom of natural systems into her work in many different settings.


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