About the day

We planned this for the beginning of March but had our own resilience problems back then – SNOW! Heres the rescheduled event  hope to see you there!

“Not everybody has to be an artist, but everybody can be one, if not a painter, dancer or writer, then an artist of living.”

This day is part of a programme of FREE events called ‘Nourishing The Front Line’ which is aimed at people working in high stress occupations.

In this day we use creativity and curiosity as antidotes for being in a rut, a diminished sense of excitement for our work or general lack of energy. Through freeing up the mind and challenging habits of thought we can bring a renewed sense of aliveness and resilience to life and work. We offer tools and techniques that everyone can implement to help themselves to develop an “out-of-the-box” –thinking, self confidence and leadership to get or keep the creative juices flowing, whether it be to solve concrete problems or to free self-expression.

Join us for this day and leave refreshed, empowered and ready to approach any upcoming challenge at work.


About The Facilitaors

has over 25 years experience in working with a mindfulness based approach to wellbeing with groups and individuals, and has also incorporated ecopsychology and the wisdom of natural systems into her work in many different settings.

Supports individuals and groups to navigate through change processes self-efficiently and independently. He combines mindfulness, leadership approaches and result-oriented design processes to bring innovation and empowerment to teams and organisations.

To find out more contact us: wisdomtreeoffice@gmail.com or speak to Daniel Koerner on m 07599774716

About the wood

Hazel Hill is a magical 70-acre wood 7 miles from Salisbury, with a great diversity of wildflowers, trees and fungi, providing a variety of landscapes and habitats. The retreat centre at the wood consists of beautiful off -grid wooden buildings, campfires and beautiful open spaces, offering unique scope for people to deepen their connection with nature and learn about living renewably.

Visit the Hazel Hill homepage and check out other events at the wood.


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