This short retreat is for anyone involved in raising the next generation- whether as part of a nuclear or extended family or as a professional..
It  runs from 4pm on Saturday 29th to 4pm Sunday 30th. There is an optional overnight stay in the woods…or you may attend on a daily basis.

How do we hold the knowledge of the challenges future generations may be facing alongside the day to day business of nurturing our children?
How can we talk to them about what’s happening and enable them to grow the resilience needed without being overwhelmed, dis-heartened & dis-empowered?
What do we do with our own overwhelm, grief, fear and anger or with the numbness which can stop us feeling anything at all? Can we model healthy ways of handling all that for our children?

Drawing on the work of Joanna Macy and on the ‘Way of Council’ – (a way of creating safety to listen deeply to each other) , mindfulness & the restorative power of being in nature, we also want this to be a nurturing ‘time-out’ for us to come together- to be in the woods – sit round a fire, eat together and support each other.

We don’t have all the answers but we know this is an enquiry that needs to happen. Led by Jane Sanders UKCP registered psychotherapist and Penny McClennan, trained in the way of council and the work that reconnects.

Cost £40- £70 sliding scale – with an expectation that most will be able to manage £70 with £40 being for unwaged and those on lower incomes, somewhere in between, We are running this event at cost, food is on a bring food to share basis to keep costs low.
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