Sunday September 6th – 10am-5pm
With Jane Sanders & Collette Barnard

Western psychology has virtually ignored our relationship to the natural world. Our connection to the source of life does not figure in its definition of mental health, nor is our destruction of our life-support system included in its list of pathologies” Joanna Macy

We ask what needs to happen to change this story.therapists in wood

This day is a call both to people who are already practicing therapists and trainees who want to spend some time exploring how the principles of eco-psychology could be incorporated into therapeutic work. We will be working (weather permitting) outside in a local woodland walking distance from Glastonbury High St.

On this day you can expect to

• Slow down and find time to connect with yourself and the land

• Explore what therapists aren’t asking and people are not saying
• Look at how initial assessments can be more eco-centric
• Incorporating the symbols of nature as a mirror of our inner journey
• Experience a skills practice working outside
• Explore using creativity & nature as healer
• Explore practicalities i.e insurance – contracting etc.

Collette is the founder and head of trainings at the Sweet Track Counselling Services; she is a counsellor and astrologer and has worked with groups, individuals and couples since 1982. She is committed to spirituality, psychic and energy awareness, connection with our sacred land, and the great mysteries in Life. She communicates self-empowerment and the unveiling of one’s personal connection to Spirit.

Jane has been a Psychotherapist since 1990. She first came across Ecopsychology & Deep Ecology in the 1980’s reading John Seed and Joanna Macy and eventually training as a ‘Work that Reconnectsfacilitator. She currently teaches ecopsychology on the Sweet-track psychospiritual counselling training and has been involved in ‘inner transition’ work as part of Transition Glastonbury for the last 5 years.

Cost £65 Book through Sweet-track Counselling Services 01458 835552

or through Glastonbury Natural Health Centre 01458 833382 email


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