The word kinesiology comes from the Greek word ‘kinetic’ meaning ‘motion’, so kinesiology means ‘the science of the motion of the body’.
This name refers to the method of biofeedback used in kinesiology that tests the range and motion of specific muscles (of the arms and legs) to collect information from the body. It has developed into a system with many different branches. Kinesiology has many applications but it is generally used as a form of bio-feedback to assess the individual and also sometimes as a form of therapy. In general kinesiology considers the individual in a holistic way as being made up of emotional, bio-chemical, structural and energetic (acupuncture meridian) aspects that function together and influence one another.

Our practitioner Andrew Johnson qualified as a Touch For Health (Balanced Health) Instructor with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology in 1987 and have also trained in Bio-Kinesiology, Educational and Emotional Kinesiology. He has  also attended numerous workshops and seminars with Chris Astill-Smith D.O. (formerly of Metabolics Ltd) on Functional Kinesiology, and attended workshops with the School of Energy Awareness which has deepened my use of kinesiology in other ways. He also uses the kinesiology techniques pioneered by the psychiatrist Dr. David Hawkings.

Andrew Johnson uses Kinesiology to complement his work as a Nutritional Therapist and Herbalist.

Fees: Initial Consultation (one and a half hours) : £100  (Please arrange a free 10 minute chat first before booking) 01458 833382 or email: