Andrew Johnson 


Therapies Offered: Nutritional Therapy, Herbalism, Iridology, Kinesiology, EFT

  Andrew  has been in practice since 1984, specialising in a holistic approach that incorporates nutrition, herbalism and several other modalities. He works with each individual in a flexible and collaborative way, supporting the body-mind to move towards balance.
He creates holistic programmes to suit the individual and so recommendations can vary enormously depending upon individual requirements, and they may include for example: recommended foods, restoring nutrient levels, detoxification, herbal mixtures, supporting body organs and systems, lifestyle changes, and techniques to manage stress.

His approach is  integrative, working  when appropriate work alongside other practitioners including conventional medical doctors especially  if you are on any prescription medications.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of working with Andrew, the first step is to  book in for a free ten minute chat which can be done either by phone, email or skype.

Tel: 01458 833382   email link: