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Therapies offered: Homeopathy

Steve’s love of homeopathy began during an instinctive search for natural answers to health and wholeness. Out of all the approaches he experienced he felt most drawn to the holistic view of homeopathy with its 200 year history of practice, philosophy and countless recorded cases of patients regaining their health.

He loves the way each person’s individuality is respected and valued, how the remedy matched to the person is aimed at boosting their own natural defences rather than suppressing them and that the remedies are safe, gentle and non-toxic.

Steve’s approach is grounded but subtle, using the latest homeopathic software to analyse cases alongside more intuitive and empathic insights. He qualified in 2008 from the British School of Homeopathy 4 year course and has since studied on a 2 year course with the Greek homeopath George Vithoulkas. Steve treats people of all ages and has a baby and children’s clinic on Monday afternoon/early evening.

To make an appointment to see our Homeopath Steve Ashmore, call
01458 834577 – 07473 996845   email-link

Charges: £65 first consultation and £40 for follow ups. Children (under 16) £45 then £35

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