remediesHomeopathy is a system of medicine that approaches health and disease in a very different way from orthodox treatments. It is guided by a set of principles established over 200 years ago which are still relevant today.

The most important of these is like cures like. The homeopath uses remedies to create temporary symptoms which mirror the symptoms of the patient (homo = similar, pathos = suffering). The natural defensive reaction is boosted rather than suppressed and greater wellbeing follows.

A second principle is the use of the minimum dose. Through trial and error remedies were found to act even when highly diluted – minimising side effects and pointing to a dynamic/energetic healing action.

A third principle is individualised prescribing. Rather than diagnosing a disease and giving the same small number of medicines for it (e.g. painkillers for headaches) the homeopath looks for the unusual and characteristic way in which the patient suffers and matches this to the uniqueness of any one of the hundreds of remedies that are commonly used.

This careful formation of a symptom picture involves a holistic approach. Mind, body and emotions may all be showing symptoms that reflect the disharmony of the whole person and give clues to the correct remedy.

The wide ranging nature of the consultation also means that sessions are much longer than an average visit to a doctors – first consultations for an adult are up to 90 minutes long. After the remedy is given, time is needed to allow for changes. Follow up sessions are typically 4-6 weeks later and are used to assess any changes, gather more information and re-prescribe if necessary.

To make an appointment to see our Homeopath Steve Ashmore, call
01458 834577 – 07473 996845

Charges: £65 first consultation and £40 for follow ups. Children (under 16) £45 then £35

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