Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP – what is it?

Your brain is a massively powerful tool, almost like a computer, which we rely on to do the right thing for us and most of the time it does.  However, at times, we may need to give it a helping hand to check it’s running the most up to date software as it can run old programs from the past in the form of our values and beliefs often formed in childhood, which no longer serve us in our daily lives.

By identifying these “old programs” we can challenge and up date them so they are helpful and relevant for us in our lives today.  NLP, sometimes known as a “toolkit for the mind”, helps us to do this.  As is often said “Life is what you make it” and the tools in NLP can make it something amazing.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.  It was developed in the 70’s from an initial study into the Psychology of Excellence and can be understood as:

–    Neuro – relates to the nervous system, the mind, through which our experiences and thoughts are processed by our senses and filters

–    Linguistic – how a person’s language can indicate patterns of thinking

–  Programming – relates to how our patterns of thinking and linked behaviours are used in our daily lives.

NLP can help change many different behaviours by enabling you to identify and challenge your patterns of thinking in areas including:

–    Relationships
–    Confidence
–    Career
–    Anxiety and stress
–    Break or change habits
–    Health and well-being including weight loss
–    Fears and phobia
–    Business – including communication and leadership

To arrange an initial meeting, contact Emma James at email or on 07877 331740.  Emma also offers Skype sessions by arrangement.

Fees:  First 30 min consultation is free – One hour session: £45


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